The Lives

Most of us instinctively separate ourselves from the people and work that Grace Place Properties deliberately reaches out to and serves. We choose where we live, choose where our kids go to school, choose where we work and where we travel in order to remove and protect ourselves from dangerous areas and people we are unsure about.

The problem is “over there” (in both geographic and socio-economical terms). The thing is “where those kind of people are” might be in our home. Or in our families. Or a parent of a child in our child’s school. Or at our work. Or in our church.

The problem really is all around us.

We most likely can put a face to the issue. One way or another. Most likely, we know some of those broken, cutting pieces of people.

Those jagged, rough individuals who God and Grace Place Properties loves and works with on a daily basis so they will stop breaking themselves and others and they can find where and how they safely fit into our neighborhoods and society.