The Issue

Believing in grace, forgiveness and God’s ability to change lives doesn’t always have a place in our day-to-day. We tend more to see the broken and jagged life in a stranger than how God uses that life as part of a greater whole.

Especially if the stranger doesn’t look exactly like we do. Maybe they have tattoos and piercings and seem unwelcoming and ‘scary.’ And if we learn that stranger has recently come out of jail- then it may be especially hard to feel safe and be loving towards them.

Thank God that Grace Place Properties deliberately reaches out to and serves them; the ones who have caused hurt. The ones who have ultimately hurt themselves.

Because the issue is rarely out in front and easily seen. It is a monster lurking in the shadows of faces we may see every day. It is hidden in a mask of depression. Or it is a darker shadow of one’s self that hides until that person is alone to fight it. Often losing. But always fighting.

And that person may focus only on their own brokenness and fall into depression and self-loathing. So they are hurt and they will likely hurt others around them.

Unless Grace Place Properties can work with that person and show them they are beautiful, loved, built in God’s image and of such importance that God gave His only son to die and Jesus willingly gave His life for that person.

Then that person isn’t an isolated piece of brokenness to throw away, that person is seen through the Light of the Son of God as a part of His people and an important part of a stunning mosaic.