The Difference We Make

Grace Place Properties “Provides Intentional Ministry Solutions for Complex Social Problems.”

That means Grace Place Properties hopes to create environments of grace that create relationships of grace. Grace Place Properties suggests a common-sense approach to a complex problem and the Gospel must be involved in the process.

The heart of the process is Biblical discipleship so it is not just a recovery program. The Grace Place Properties community takes exiting prisoners from being “men and women” to “brothers and sisters in Christ.” In the Grace Place Properties community, they learn respect of others through Christ’s example. Men learn about healthy, proper relationships with women and women learn to make smarter choices and healthy, proper relationships with men. The leaders of Grace Place Properties teach and enforce that successful, healthy relationships develops when individuals start to give back instead of taking and they move towards interdependence.

Grace Place Properties holds exiting prisoners accountable, holds them to a disciplined, proven process and maintains consequences for bad decisions; even then not dealing in right or wrong, but rather healthy or unhealthy. The communities become microcosms of society so re-entry into society is easier.

Grace Place Properties makes it possible for men and women getting out of jail to re-integrate with their families, their communities, the workforce and society.

Grace Place Properties is a faith-based entity and we talk about being Christ-centered and evidence based. Christ-centered means everything we do is going to center on trying to create a relationship with Christ and discipling these men and women to have a deep and abiding relationship with Christ. Evidence based is a proven structure and process that works. And these two things are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they are intertwined and equally necessary.