You can get Involved and make a difference in lives. Volunteer or become a mentor and be a catalyst for a change in lives and in our neighborhoods.



Make a Life-Changing Difference in Our Communities

Because you make our work possible. It doesn’t happen without you. With your gift, you provide critical support for people transitioning in healthy ways back into society while giving vital funding to support the mission of Grace Place Properties.

Grace Place Properties accepts vehicles, running or not, in addition to boats, motorcyles and RVs. Those items can be tax-deductible donations for you and valuable assets for us.

In addition, cash donations can serve our organization, property and our residents in many ways Please help and click on the secure link to donate with or without an account through PayPal. (Note that the link will take you away from our site to the PayPal website.)


One of the things that separates Grace Place from other transition environments is that we are very proactive in helping our people find employment. We know that if a person is going to become contributing members of society, they need an economic engine to drive their life.

But we can’t provide that on our own. We need employers to put our residents to work so they can be fully restored back to their family, back to their community,