Chuck Adair Bio

Program Director

Chuck will tell you he has had three major movements in his life. After being raised in Nashville, Tennessee by a father who was heavily involved in the country music business, he knew early on he wanted a life that was much deeper than the surface things he experienced as an observer of that lifestyle. Through educational opportunities at Lipscomb University and other higher educational experiences in Nashville and California, Chuck stepped into a ministry career that led him to Texas in 1984.
He began a vocational career in ministry that would last for 15 years. He was called to ministry at an early age and it was in a job that He adored. Today, he would tell you that he was incredibly codependent and anxious and his vocational choice fueled those struggles. Yet, his primary struggle was lust which, led to the second major movement in his life.
In 1995 he was arrested in Las Vegas Nevada that led to a 10-year confinement in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It was in his incarceration that he learned to depend on the Lord and trust him to guide his pathway. However, he underestimated the issues that he would face as formerly incarcerated person. Which led to the third major movement of my lifeā€¦
After a year of working in commercial real estate, Chuck began a partnership with Stek Steck in putting faith-based dorms in Texas prisons. Creating those opportunities led to the formation of Grace Place Properties that allows the opportunities started behind prison walls to continue as we transition men and women back to the community from a Christ-centered perspective. As a part of his journey, he has served as both the Executive and Lead Minister of a local church. Currently, he has his dream job as the Program Director of Grace Place Properties while serving the local church through preaching, coaching churches that are beginning the re:generation recovery ministry, and leading the Prison Impact Team at the Watermark Community Church.
Chuck is married to his best friend Kristin and has two adult children, Taylor and Linley. Kris and Chuck believe the quality of their marriage rises and falls, not on circumstances or feelings, but based on their daily abiding with Jesus (Jn 15.5).